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We can help you develop and execute a clear and strategic roadmap with priorities that are closely linked to your church growth.

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We’re helping churches achieve success

We are a 21st Century Consulting firm, of Nigerian origin, specializing in providing empirical assessment, diagnostic and analytical approach through high technology system to drive, measure, plan, and execute sustainable church growth formalities with a highly defined professional approach.

Magnicraft Consulting Limited is incorporated and registered with Corporate Affairs Commission. We help Christian or Faith Based Organisations, Ministries, Church Denominations, and Local Churches to advance the Kingdom of God by working to fulfil the Great Commission of Matthew 28:18-20. We are particularly committed to strengthening the local church by providing contingent, relevant and professional advice on concrete action plans towards health, peak performance and multiplication.

With this commitment, we endeavour to provide personal and practical support to church leaders in the form of trainings, conferences, research, church health assessments, organization health assessments, church cultural assessment, individual church consulting, articles, information, and other relevant resources. We believe that denominations and similar entities exist to serve the local churches, and we are committed to helping and empowering the local church to accomplish her mission.

Magnicraft Consulting is a professional and experienced consulting company that subscribes to the basic tenets of THE GREAT COMMISSION and THE MULTIPLICATION CONCEPT. With our help, your church can succeed advantageously in a globalised church service environment.


We help churches get healthier through empirical assessments, trainings, revitalization and strategic blueprints.


To be the leading church (health) consultancy that creates sustainable actionable and adaptable solutions.

Mantra and Focus

Excellent Church Consulting For Health, Vitality & Results. Our Focus is on Helping Churches Realise God’s Mandate.

Why you should use us

Find top value when you work with Magnicraft Consulting

The success of your mandate is our top priority therefore your organization needs us to assist you:

  • Learn and implement the right processes for health, vitality, and results
  • Understand what She is doing wrongly and how to correct, improve, and get in shape quickly

At Magnicraft, we will help you answer the following system health sustainable questions:

  • What exactly are we out to achieve?
  • How exactly are we planning to accomplish this?
  • How do we measure what we want to achieve?
  • What conducts or behaviors would deliver such a result?

We help you determine step by step, how to run your church.

Our lead consultant

‘Niyi Dunmade is the Founder & CEO/Lead Consultant of Magnicraft Consulting, one of the leading church and denominational consulting establishments in Nigeria; offering consultations that range from analysis off site, one-day visit, multi-month and multi-year contracts. He is Ordained a Pastor since December 2001, host to a live broadcast show tagged “Monday Morning Matters”, a frequent contributor to Church Answers Central since 2020 and currently a serving Pastor with The Transforming Abuja. ‘Niyi is an Executive Director, Church Answers, also an international blogger and Certified Church Consultant with Society Of Church Consulting (USA), Certified Church Revitalizer, Certified Interim Pastor, Certified Church Administrator with Church Administrators’ Society Of Nigeria (CASON) & a Chartered Manager with Nigerian Institute Of Management (NIM), and has over 20 years of experience.

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